Android Dev Phone1 であそぶメモ



そういえば dmesg 貼ってなかった

03:07 | そういえば dmesg 貼ってなかった - Android Dev Phone1 であそぶメモ を含むブックマーク はてなブックマーク - そういえば dmesg 貼ってなかった - Android Dev Phone1 であそぶメモ


$ dmesg
<5>[    0.000000] Linux version 2.6.25-01843-gfea26b0 (android-build@apa27.mtv.corp.google.com) (gcc version 4.2.1) #6 
PREEMPT Mon Oct 6 14:13:36 PDT 2008
<4>[    0.000000] CPU: ARMv6-compatible processor [4117b362] revision 2 (ARMv6TEJ), cr=00c5387f
<4>[    0.000000] Machine: trout
<6>[    0.000000] AKM Data size = 1018 , 0x89768976, size = 4064
<4>[    0.000000] Memory policy: ECC disabled, Data cache writeback
<7>[    0.000000] On node 0 totalpages: 25856
<7>[    0.000000]   DMA zone: 202 pages used for memmap
<7>[    0.000000]   DMA zone: 0 pages reserved
<7>[    0.000000]   DMA zone: 25654 pages, LIFO batch:7
<7>[    0.000000]   Normal zone: 0 pages used for memmap
<7>[    0.000000]   Movable zone: 0 pages used for memmap
<4>[    0.000000] trout_init_map_io()
<6>[    0.000000] clock_init()
<6>[    0.000000] ACPU running at 384000 KHz
<4>[    0.000000] WARNING - Bad VDD (0 != 3) for this freq
<4>[    0.000000] CPU0: D VIPT write-back cache
<4>[    0.000000] CPU0: I cache: 32768 bytes, associativity 4, 32 byte lines, 256 sets
<4>[    0.000000] CPU0: D cache: 32768 bytes, associativity 4, 32 byte lines, 256 sets
<4>[    0.000000] Built 1 zonelists in Zone order, mobility grouping on.  Total pages: 25654
<5>[    0.000000] Kernel command line: board_trout.disable_uart3=0 board_trout.usb_h2w_sw=0 board_trout.disable_sdcard=0 
board_trout.smisize=64  androidboot.baseband= androidboot.bootloader=0.95.3000 androidboot.carrier=ALL 
board_trout.keycaps=qwerty androidboot.mode=charge androidboot.serialno=HT845GZ52046 no_console_suspend=1 console=null
<3>[    0.000000] Unknown boot option `board_trout.smisize=64': ignoring
<3>[    0.000000] Unknown boot option `androidboot.baseband=': ignoring
<3>[    0.000000] Unknown boot option `androidboot.bootloader=0.95.3000': ignoring
<3>[    0.000000] Unknown boot option `androidboot.carrier=ALL': ignoring
<3>[    0.000000] Unknown boot option `androidboot.mode=charge': ignoring
<4>[    0.000000] trout_init_irq()
<4>[    0.000000] PID hash table entries: 512 (order: 9, 2048 bytes)
<4>[    0.000000] Console: colour dummy device 80x30
<6>[    0.000000] Dentry cache hash table entries: 16384 (order: 4, 65536 bytes)
<6>[    0.000000] Inode-cache hash table entries: 8192 (order: 3, 32768 bytes)
<6>[    0.010000] Memory: 101MB = 101MB total
<5>[    0.010000] Memory: 98744KB available (2552K code, 759K data, 100K init)
<7>[    0.010000] Calibrating delay loop... 383.38 BogoMIPS (lpj=1916928)
<4>[    0.230000] Mount-cache hash table entries: 512
<6>[    0.230000] CPU: Testing write buffer coherency: ok
<6>[    0.230000] net_namespace: 440 bytes
<6>[    0.230000] NET: Registered protocol family 16
<4>[    0.230000] trout_init() revision=128
<4>[    0.240000] trout_init: cpld_usb_hw2_sw = 0
<3>[    0.240000] trout_gpio_irq_handler: got masked interrupt: 0:80
<6>[    0.340000] msm_i2c_probe
<6>[    0.340000] msm_i2c_probe: clk_ctl 35d, 100000 Hz
<6>[    0.380000] Bluetooth: Core ver 2.11
<6>[    0.380000] NET: Registered protocol family 31
<6>[    0.380000] Bluetooth: HCI device and connection manager initialized
<6>[    0.380000] Bluetooth: HCI socket layer initialized
<6>[    0.380000] NET: Registered protocol family 2
<7>[    0.390091] Switched to high resolution mode on CPU 0
<6>[    0.470671] IP route cache hash table entries: 1024 (order: 0, 4096 bytes)
<6>[    0.472777] TCP established hash table entries: 4096 (order: 3, 32768 bytes)
<6>[    0.473112] TCP bind hash table entries: 4096 (order: 2, 16384 bytes)
<6>[    0.473356] TCP: Hash tables configured (established 4096 bind 4096)
<6>[    0.473387] TCP reno registered
<6>[    0.501495] Unpacking initramfs... done
<6>[    0.555615] Freeing initrd memory: 137K
<6>[    0.558209] Registered led device: lcd-backlight
<6>[    0.558819] smd_init()
<6>[    0.558850] smd_core_init()
<6>[    0.559063] smd_alloc_channel() 'SMD_RPCCALL' cid=2, shared=e010d9a0
<6>[    0.559399] smd_alloc_channel() 'SMD_DATA5' cid=11, shared=e0119a18
<6>[    0.559613] smd_alloc_channel() 'SMD_DATA6' cid=12, shared=e011da40
<6>[    0.559826] smd_alloc_channel() 'SMD_DATA7' cid=13, shared=e0121a68
<6>[    0.560213] smd_alloc_channel() 'SMD_DATA11' cid=17, shared=e01119c8
<6>[    0.560488] smd_alloc_channel() 'SMD_CS_A2M' cid=33, shared=e01159f0
<6>[    0.560793] smd_alloc_channel() 'SMD_DATA5_CNTL' cid=38, shared=e0125a90
<6>[    0.561037] smd_alloc_channel() 'SMD_DATA6_CNTL' cid=39, shared=e0129ab8
<6>[    0.561281] smd_alloc_channel() 'SMD_DATA7_CNTL' cid=40, shared=e012dae0
<6>[    0.561586] smd_core_init() done
<4>[    0.564058] SMD: ch 2 OPENING -> OPENED
<6>[    0.565432] hw3d: 0 init
<6>[    0.565889] msm_perf_init():
<6>[    0.567476] H2W: Registering H2W (headset) driver
<6>[    0.569826] input: h2w headset as /class/input/input0
<6>[    0.584547] RPC_TIME_TOD_SET_APPS_BASES:
<4>[    0.584577]       tick = 329227
<4>[    0.584577]       stamp = 385877446
<6>[    0.586286] ashmem: initialized
<4>[    0.587446] yaffs Oct  6 2008 14:13:20 Installing. 
<6>[    0.587598] io scheduler noop registered
<6>[    0.587629] io scheduler anticipatory registered (default)
<6>[    0.588239] mddi_pmdh: init() base=0xe000b000 irq=16
<6>[    0.594058] get_smem_clock: state 10429 clock 0
<6>[    0.630244] mddi cmd send rtd: int 3a000, stat 8063, rtd val d
<6>[    0.650793] mddi_pmdh: publish: mddi_c_d263_0000
<6>[    0.652563] vsync on gpio 97 now 0
<6>[    0.652624] mddi_pmdh: mddi_add_panel(c02eef78, c02b3a50)
<6>[    0.652624] mddi_pmdh: publish: mddi_panel
<6>[    0.653051] msmfb_probe() installing 320 x 480 panel
<6>[    0.683997] smd_alloc_channel() 'SMD_GPSNMEA' cid=27, shared=e0131b10
<6>[    0.691007] msm_serial: detected port #0
<6>[    0.691220] msm_serial.0: ttyMSM0 at MMIO 0xa9a00000 (irq = 9) is a MSM
<6>[    0.692075] msm_serial: driver initialized
<6>[    0.694028] loop: module loaded
<6>[    0.694119] PPP generic driver version 2.4.2
<6>[    0.694394] PPP Deflate Compression module registered
<6>[    0.694425] PPP BSD Compression module registered
<4>[    0.704303] allocated dma buffer at ffc01000, dma_addr 16130000
<4>[    0.704486] read CFG0 = aad400c0, CFG1 = 4745c
<4>[    0.704516] CFG0 = e8d408c0, CFG1 = 4745c
<6>[    0.704547] CFG0: cw/page=3 ud_sz=516 ecc_sz=10 spare_sz=1 num_addr_cycles=5
<4>[    0.704608] NAND_READ_ID = 1500aaec
<4>[    0.705188] status: c03120
<4>[    0.705218] nandid: 1500aaec maker ec device aa
<4>[    0.705737] CFG0: cw/page=3 ud_sz=512 ecc_sz=10 spare_sz=5
<4>[    0.705798] DEV_CMD1: f00f3000
<6>[    0.705859] NAND_EBI2_ECC_BUF_CFG: 1ff
<4>[    0.705889] flash_id: 1500aaec size 10000000
<5>[    0.705920] Creating 6 MTD partitions on "msm_nand":
<5>[    0.705981] 0x024c0000-0x02500000 : "misc"
<5>[    0.706927] 0x026c0000-0x02bc0000 : "recovery"
<5>[    0.707690] 0x02bc0000-0x02e40000 : "boot"
<5>[    0.708453] 0x02e40000-0x071c0000 : "system"
<5>[    0.709277] 0x071c0000-0x0b540000 : "cache"
<5>[    0.710366] 0x0b540000-0x10000000 : "userdata"
<6>[    0.711892] usb_probe() io=c6806000, irq=47, dma=ffc02000(1613c000)
<6>[    0.712685] usb_function_register() 'adb'
<6>[    0.713021] usb_function_register() 'usb_mass_storage'
<6>[    0.713051] msm_hsusb: functions bound. starting.
<6>[    0.713082] usb_bind_func() 'usb_mass_storage'
<6>[    0.713601] usb_mass_storage usb_mass_storage: Number of LUNs=1
<6>[    0.713631] usb_bind_func() 'adb'
<6>[    0.713662] adb_bind() c612c874, c612ca34
<6>[    0.713814] adb_bind() allocated 4 rx and 4 tx requests
<6>[    0.714547] usb_function_register() 'diag'
<6>[    0.715035] mice: PS/2 mouse device common for all mice
<6>[    0.715157] hsusb: IDLE -> ONLINE
<6>[    0.715249] hsusb: reset controller
<4>[    0.760091] ulpi: write 0x40 to 0x31
<4>[    0.760152] ulpi: write 0x1d to 0x0d
<4>[    0.760152] ulpi: write 0x1d to 0x10
<6>[    0.760183] ept #0 out max:64 head:ffc02000 bit:0
<6>[    0.760213] ept #1 out max:512 head:ffc02080 bit:1
<6>[    0.760244] ept #2 out max:512 head:ffc02100 bit:2
<6>[    0.760274] ept #0 in max:64 head:ffc02040 bit:16
<6>[    0.760305] ept #1 in max:512 head:ffc020c0 bit:17
<6>[    0.760335] ept #2 in max:512 head:ffc02140 bit:18
<6>[    0.760488] usb: notify offline
<6>[    0.761739] smd_alloc_channel() 'SMD_DS' cid=0, shared=e0135b38
<6>[    0.762349] smd_alloc_channel() 'SMD_DATA1' cid=7, shared=e0139b60
<6>[    0.762899] smd_alloc_channel() 'SMD_DATA2' cid=8, shared=e013db88
<6>[    0.763448] smd_alloc_channel() 'SMD_DATA3' cid=9, shared=e0141bb0
<6>[    0.763540] usb: suspend
<6>[    0.763906] smd_alloc_channel() 'SMD_DATA4' cid=10, shared=e0145bd8
<3>[    0.770640] msm_i2c msm_i2c.0: Error during data xfer (-5)
<6>[    0.780000] usb: portchange
<6>[    0.780000] usb: reset
<6>[    0.781373] synaptics_ts_probe: Product Major Version 1
<6>[    0.782624] synaptics_ts_probe: Product Minor Version c
<6>[    0.783875] synaptics_ts_probe: product property 2
<6>[    0.785096] synaptics_ts_probe: device control 81
<6>[    0.786317] synaptics_ts_probe: interrupt enable 3
<6>[    0.789735] synaptics_ts_probe: 0xe0: 1 1 1 2 1 c 0 0
<6>[    0.790000] synaptics_ts_probe: max_x 3480, max_y 5368
<6>[    0.790000] synaptics_ts_probe: inactive_x -80 -80, inactive_y -32 -32
<6>[    0.790000] synaptics_ts_probe: snap_x 240-248 240-248, snap_y 80-88 80-88
<6>[    0.790000] input: synaptics-rmi-touchscreen as /class/input/input1
<6>[    0.840854] synaptics_ts_probe: Start touchscreen synaptics-rmi-touchscreen in interrupt mode
<6>[    0.841159] GPIO Event Driver
<6>[    0.841709] GPIO Keypad Driver: Start keypad matrix for trout-keypad-v3 in interrupt mode
<4>[    0.841922] No IRQF_TRIGGER set_type function for IRQ 191 (troutgpio)
<4>[    0.842014] No IRQF_TRIGGER set_type function for IRQ 192 (troutgpio)
<6>[    0.842075] GPIO Input Driver: Start gpio inputs for trout-keypad-v3 in interrupt mode
<4>[    0.842136] No IRQF_TRIGGER set_type function for IRQ 188 (troutgpio)
<6>[    0.842197] GPIO Input Driver: Start gpio inputs for trout-keypad-v3 in interrupt mode
<6>[    0.842838] input: trout-keypad-v3 as /class/input/input2
<4>[    0.900976] No IRQF_TRIGGER set_type function for IRQ 186 (troutgpio)
<6>[    0.901098] GPIO Input Driver: Start gpio inputs for trout-nav in interrupt mode
<6>[    0.901709] input: trout-nav as /class/input/input3
<6>[    0.916744] usb_mass_storage usb_mass_storage: config #1
<6>[    0.961220] rs30000048:0da5b528 rs30000048:0da5b528: rtc core: registered msm_rtc as rtc0
<6>[    0.964852] Registered led device: blue
<6>[    0.965188] Registered led device: green
<6>[    0.965401] Registered led device: red
<6>[    0.965584] AKM8976A compass driver: init
<4>[    0.965676] No IRQF_TRIGGER set_type function for IRQ 187 (troutgpio)
<6>[    0.966408] input: compass as /class/input/input4
<6>[    0.991190] pdev->dev.platform_data is not NULL
<6>[    0.991312] mt9t013: probe
<6>[    0.991342] mt9t013: init
<6>[    0.991342] mt9t013: mt9t013_register_init
<6>[    0.991373] mt9t013: camera sensor_reset set as 1
<6>[    0.993448] mt9t013: clk_get(vfe_mdc_clk): c02a4cd4
<6>[    0.993509] mt9t013: clk_get(mdc_clk): c02a4954
<6>[    0.993540] mt9t013: clk select 1
<6>[    0.993570] mt9t013: clk_get(vfe_clk): c02a4cb4
<6>[    0.993662] mt9t013: enable vfe_clk
<6>[    1.020061] mt9t013: clk select 0
<6>[    1.028636] mt9t013: camera sensor init sequence done
<6>[    1.028667] mt9t013: camera sensor suspend sequence
<6>[    1.028728] mt9t013: disabling vfe_clk
<6>[    1.028789] mt9t013: clk_put(vfe_clk): c02a4cb4
<6>[    1.029063] mt9t013: camera sensor suspend sequence done
<6>[    1.029704] Bluetooth: HCI UART driver ver 2.2
<6>[    1.029765] Bluetooth: HCI H4 protocol initialized
<6>[    1.029765] Bluetooth: HCILL protocol initialized
<6>[    1.031037] mmc0: Qualcomm MSM SDCC at 0x00000000e1000000 irq 24,0 dma -1
<6>[    1.031068] mmc0: 4 bit data mode enabled
<6>[    1.031098] mmc0: MMC clock 144000 -> 20000000 Hz, PCLK 64000000 Hz
<6>[    1.031129] mmc0: Slot eject status = 1
<6>[    1.031159] mmc0: Power save feature enable = 0
<6>[    1.031159] mmc0: PIO transfer enabled
<6>[    1.032227] mmc1: Qualcomm MSM SDCC at 0x00000000e1001000 irq 26,194 dma 8
<6>[    1.032288] mmc1: 4 bit data mode enabled
<6>[    1.032319] mmc1: MMC clock 144000 -> 20000000 Hz, PCLK 64000000 Hz
<6>[    1.032349] mmc1: Slot eject status = 0
<6>[    1.032349] mmc1: Power save feature enable = 0
<6>[    1.032380] mmc1: DM non-cached buffer at ffc04000, dma_addr 0x1615c000
<6>[    1.032411] mmc1: DM cmd busaddr 370524160, cmdptr busaddr 370524928
<6>[    1.033173] Registered led device: spotlight
<6>[    1.033448] Registered led device: keyboard-backlight
<6>[    1.033784] Registered led device: button-backlight
<4>[    1.034333] No IRQF_TRIGGER set_type function for IRQ 190 (troutgpio)
<6>[    1.034913] ram_console: got buffer at 16d00000, size 20000
<6>[    1.035401] ram_console: uncorrectable error in header
<6>[    1.035462] ram_console: no valid data in buffer (sig = 0xffffffff)
<6>[    1.035493] console [ram-1] enabled
<6>[    1.041526] logger: created 64K log 'log_main'
<6>[    1.041983] logger: created 256K log 'log_events'
<6>[    1.042411] logger: created 64K log 'log_radio'
<6>[    1.043906] pmem: 1 init
<6>[    1.044882] pmem_adsp: 0 init
<6>[    1.045920] pmem_gpu0: 0 init
<6>[    1.047446] pmem_gpu1: 0 init
<6>[    1.051129] pmem_camera: 0 init
<4>[    1.052899] nf_conntrack version 0.5.0 (2048 buckets, 8192 max)
<6>[    1.061434] ip_tables: (C) 2000-2006 Netfilter Core Team
<6>[    1.062014] TCP cubic registered
<6>[    1.062472] NET: Registered protocol family 1
<6>[    1.063173] NET: Registered protocol family 17
<6>[    1.063540] Bluetooth: L2CAP ver 2.9
<6>[    1.064089] Bluetooth: L2CAP socket layer initialized
<6>[    1.064394] Bluetooth: SCO (Voice Link) ver 0.6
<6>[    1.064669] Bluetooth: SCO socket layer initialized
<6>[    1.065615] Bluetooth: RFCOMM socket layer initialized
<6>[    1.065981] Bluetooth: RFCOMM TTY layer initialized
<6>[    1.066530] Bluetooth: RFCOMM ver 1.9
<6>[    1.067232] clock_late_init() disabled 18 unused clocks
<6>[    1.070000] rs30000048:0da5b528 rs30000048:0da5b528: setting system clock to 2008-12-19 12:20:12 UTC (1229689212)
<6>[    1.070000] Freeing init memory: 100K
<4>[    1.070000] Warning: unable to open an initial console.
<3>[    1.267599] init: cannot open '/initlogo.rle'
<6>[    1.274120] yaffs: dev is 32505859 name is "mtdblock3"
<6>[    1.274455] yaffs: passed flags ""
<4>[    1.274760] yaffs: Attempting MTD mount on 31.3, "mtdblock3"
<4>[    1.340000] yaffs: restored from checkpoint
<4>[    1.340000] yaffs_read_super: isCheckpointed 1
<6>[    1.340000] yaffs: dev is 32505861 name is "mtdblock5"
<6>[    1.340000] yaffs: passed flags ""
<4>[    1.340000] yaffs: Attempting MTD mount on 31.5, "mtdblock5"
<4>[    1.400000] yaffs: restored from checkpoint
<4>[    1.400000] yaffs_read_super: isCheckpointed 1
<6>[    1.400000] yaffs: dev is 32505860 name is "mtdblock4"
<6>[    1.400000] yaffs: passed flags ""
<4>[    1.400000] yaffs: Attempting MTD mount on 31.4, "mtdblock4"
<4>[    1.400000] yaffs: restored from checkpoint
<4>[    1.400000] yaffs_read_super: isCheckpointed 1
<3>[    1.403907] init: service 'console' requires console
<6>[    1.805952] usb_ept_queue_xfer() tried to queue busy request
<4>[    1.806318] usb_mass_storage usb_mass_storage: error in submission: bulk-out --> -16
<6>[    1.848699] enabling adb function
<6>[    1.849126] hsusb: ONLINE -> RESET
<6>[    1.849675] hsusb: reset controller
<4>[    1.897478] mmc_sd_init_card: Delay 250 ms
<4>[    1.910062] ulpi: write 0x40 to 0x31
<4>[    1.910612] ulpi: write 0x1d to 0x0d
<4>[    1.910917] ulpi: write 0x1d to 0x10
<6>[    1.911192] ept #0 out max:64 head:ffc02000 bit:0
<6>[    1.911741] ept #1 out max:512 head:ffc02080 bit:1
<6>[    1.912016] ept #2 out max:512 head:ffc02100 bit:2
<6>[    1.912565] ept #0 in max:64 head:ffc02040 bit:16
<6>[    1.912840] ept #1 in max:512 head:ffc020c0 bit:17
<6>[    1.913145] ept #2 in max:512 head:ffc02140 bit:18
<6>[    1.913847] usb_ept_queue_xfer() tried to queue request while offline
<4>[    1.914152] usb_mass_storage usb_mass_storage: error in submission: bulk-out --> -19
<6>[    1.914823] usb: notify offline
<6>[    1.915189] hsusb: RESET -> ONLINE
<3>[    1.918058] init: sys_prop: permission denied uid:2000  name:adb.connected
<6>[    1.918424] usb: suspend
<6>[    2.081619] usb: reset
<6>[    2.083908] usb: portchange
<6>[    2.244152] usb_mass_storage usb_mass_storage: config #1
<6>[    2.261893] warning: `rild' uses 32-bit capabilities (legacy support in use)
<4>[    2.311924] mmc1: host does not support reading read-only switch. assuming write-enable.
<6>[    2.312687] mmc1: new SD card at address 9cf3
<6>[    2.315525] mmcblk0: mmc1:9cf3 SU01G 992000KiB 
<6>[    2.317143]  mmcblk0: p1
<3>[    2.323969] FAT: bogus number of reserved sectors
<6>[    2.324335] VFS: Can't find a valid FAT filesystem on dev mmcblk0.
<6>[    2.438882] usb_ept_queue_xfer() tried to queue busy request
<4>[    2.439218] usb_mass_storage usb_mass_storage: error in submission: bulk-out --> -16
<3>[    2.540003] init: sys_prop: permission denied uid:2000  name:adb.connected
<4>[    2.628823] SMD: ch 0 OPENING -> OPENED
<6>[    2.630736] qmi: smd closed
<4>[    2.631133] SMD: ch 38 OPENING -> OPENED
<6>[    2.631407] qmi: smd opened
<6>[    2.632994] qmi: ctl: wds use client_id 0x01
<6>[    2.633482] qmi: smd closed
<4>[    2.633849] SMD: ch 39 OPENING -> OPENED
<6>[    2.634398] qmi: smd opened
<6>[    2.635649] qmi: ctl: wds use client_id 0x01
<6>[    2.636137] qmi: smd closed
<4>[    2.636717] SMD: ch 40 OPENING -> OPENED
<6>[    2.637022] qmi: smd opened
<6>[    2.638304] qmi: ctl: wds use client_id 0x01
<4>[   12.371429] init sharp panel
<6>[   18.014794] android_power: wakeup (0->0) at 26964707031 (2008-12-19 12:20:38.103912354 UTC)
<6>[   18.690554] TIWLAN: Driver loading
<4>[   18.690951] trout_wifi_power: 1
<4>[   18.902843] trout_wifi_reset: 0
<4>[   18.956505] trout_wifi_set_carddetect: 1
<7>[   18.957085] mmc0: card_present 1
<6>[   18.957360] mmc0: Slot status change detected (0 -> 1)
<4>[   18.971165] mmc0: card claims to support voltages below the defined range. These will be ignored.
<4>[   18.971775] mmc0: SDIO card claims to support the incompletely defined 'low voltage range'. This will be ignored.
<6>[   18.980096] mmc0: new SDIO card at address 0001
<6>[   18.982629] TIWLAN: Found SDIO controller (vendor 0x104c, device 0x9066)
<6>[   18.988702] TIWLAN: Driver initialized (rc 0)
<6>[   18.989099] TIWLAN: Driver loaded
<6>[   28.150312] audmgr_rpc_thread() start
<6>[   28.156996] audio_enable()
<6>[   28.157392] ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
<6>[   28.166172] audmgr: rpc_reply status 0
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<6>[   28.207973] audpp: enable
<6>[   28.208522] adsp: opening module AUDPPTASK
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<6>[   28.212601] adsp: rpc event=0, proc_id=2, module=4, image=0
<6>[   28.213364] adsp: module AUDPPTASK: READY
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<3>[   28.868553] audpp: DMA missed
<6>[   31.452483] audio_disable()
<6>[   31.453856] audio_dsp_event: CFG_MSG DISABLE
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<6>[   31.458494] adsp: closing module AUDPPTASK
<6>[   31.459135] adsp: disable interrupt
<6>[   31.460865] ------------------------------
<6>[   31.468739] audmgr: rpc_reply status 0
<3>[   31.492147] audmgr: DISABLED


<6>[    0.010000] Memory: 101MB = 101MB total

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